About us

Managing anything takes hard work from dedicated individuals such as coaches, team managers, doctors and most of all players!

How we do it?

SADRU Executive Committee

Currently there is only two voted members in the executive :

  • Acting SADRU President - Danie Engelbrecht
  • SADRU Secretary - Rachelle Venter

Provincial Chairpersons

Blue Bulls Deaf Rugby Union

  • Acting Chairperson : Michael Oosthuyzen. (Additional SADRU member)

Provincial Chairpersons

Western Cape Deaf Rugby Union

  • Acting Chairperson : Rudi van Eeden. (Additional SADRU member)

Provincial Chairpersons

KZN Deaf Rugby Union

  • Acting Chairperson : Mark Barnard.(Additional SADRU member)

Additional Personnel

  • Sport psychologist : Leon van Niekerk.
  • Interpeter : Jackie Oosthuyzen.

Why we do it?

Being the most popular sport in South Africa, we aim to make Rugby accessible to everyone regardless of ability. We have dedicated our time and expertise to train and develop young talent and integrating Deaf Rugby Players into club and local school teams.

The biggest challenge we face is creating awareness for Deaf Rugby. By entering our top Deaf rugby teams in local 7s and 15s Tournaments we can achieve awareness and prove that our players regardless of their hearing ability still have some of the best talent we have seen in Rugby